Yoga isn’t just for adults! All the benefits you receive from your yoga practice are available to your children as well. 

Benefits such as calmness within, improved concentration, confidence, physical strength and flexibility and improved posture. Yoga Workshops/Parties are tailored for two different age groups: 4-6 years old and 7-12 years old.


Each workshop/party is tailored to stimulate and coordinate children's mind and body through safe and supportive gentle movement. Your children can expect lots of fun throughout the workshop/party, along with calming breathing techniques, and quiet time relaxation. Workshops/parties are held in a relaxed and fun environment where every child is free to express their own individual self however they choose. Yoga workshops/parties will include simple yoga exercises, with some very fun challenges just right for the kids. In addition to yoga postures the kids will enjoy the fun of the theme of the workshop/party.

Our yoga workshops / parties are unique, age appropriate and include basic & challenging yoga poses, creative breathing techniques, fun yoga games & relaxation time.

To book a Yoga Party please call Soul Centre