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Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu


Soul Centre is dedicated to inspire each of our students in living authentically and about finding one's true nature. We recognise that every individual has a unique path to follow to create healthy, strong, vibrant bodies and cultivate creative and tranquil minds. We offer Yoga and Pilates classes that inspire and empower you to live your best life. 

Our belief that overall wellness with attention to the mind, body and spirit helps you achieve and maintain a healthy and happy life.

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Your New, Fulfilling Career As A Pilates Teacher Is Just A Phone Call Away.

This course includes an introduction to the history and principles of the Pilates method. Pilates is an accessible way to improve flexibility, build strength, improve coordination, balance, posture, and develop control.

Pilates Teacher Training 13th April - 1st May 2020

Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive introduction to the art and science of conducting a yoga class. Our program is distinctive in the amount of time devoted to the practice and analysis of the postures (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama) that link them.

Yoga Teacher Training 4th - 29th May 2020

Studio Closure

We are sad and a bit overwhelmed, but we have to close our beautiful studio to protect our amazing community from COVID-19. We are so grateful to our community for your continued support and encouragement through this time. We are all in uncharted waters, and it’s important that now more then ever for us to stay connected to those who light you up.


Brand new adventures are about to begin coming this week we will be offering a platform for regular classes of yoga and Pilates online. So, stay tuned.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time should you have any questions or concerns. We are all in this together and want you to know that we are here for you.

Challenging times ahead, stay safe, don’t let fear rule us and remember Health is Wealth.


Thank you for your kindness and understanding at this time.

Love to you and your families.


From the Soul Centre Team


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The Soul Centre 200hr TT will provide you with a strong foundation in yoga philosophy, teaching methodology, anatomy and alignment to start your teaching journey. You will be encouraged, supported and challenged to explore all aspects of the tradition of yoga to grow to be the teacher you desire. The exposure to the experienced teachers at Soul Centre have ignited a desire to keep learning and growing and to share my love of this practice and it's many benefits with others.

Andrea Porter

Libby and the team at Soul Centre have created a caring and friendly community that makes this place truly special and inviting.  I can't recommend Soul Centre highly enough. It has literally changed my life.

Elizabeth Dickens

This place is exceptional! Every time I go there I feel myself getting better and stronger. The teachers are very supportive and caring.

Jo Daniels

The Brickworks, 3 Brolga Ave, Southport QLD 4215

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